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Energy Boosters - Workplace Wellbeing Online Series



energy boosters
5 x 10-minute pre-recorded presentations + 30 minute live Q&A via Zoom

About this training

Do your staff need an energy boost?!

Energy Boosters Webinar Series
5 x 10-minute pre-recorded presentations + 30-minute live Q&A Zoom*

This pre-recorded webinar series explores the food and dietary patterns that drain our energy and how this can be avoided. It includes five short pre-recorded presentations that delve into the most recent nutritional information translated into practical tips for your workplace. At the end of the series, you will have access to our Accredited Practising Dietitian to answer any of your questions through a live Q&A at a time chosen by you.

These short presentations have been personally curated by our team of experienced Dietitians and Nutritionists to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to maintain good nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.

These bite-sized webinars are perfect to play during staff meetings and safety briefings.

Workplace wellbeing is important to create a more supportive organisational culture for everyone. Programs can increase productivity, reduce sick leave, limit workplace conflict and lessen workplace accidents. When workplace wellbeing is supported, employees feel more secure, valued and committed to their work and to their organisation. Especially with our ever-evolving locations of workplaces (i.e. office vs home), it is important to ensure that staff feel supported and confident to look after their health in all environments.

*Access to this webinar series expires six-months from the purchase date.

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